Mandatory inspections are required by the Building Act 1993 and Building Interim Regulations 2017.

These inspections must be carried out by the Relevant Building Surveyor or by an Inspector as chosen by the Relevant Building Surveyor.

Nepean Building Permits have two full time in house inspectors servicing the Mornington Peninsula area. For all building works outside the Mornington Peninsula specialist contractors are used for inspections that live locally and are clued up on local conditions.

What are the mandatory Inspections?

Common inspections are as follows;

  • Prior to placing a footing (Pre-poly, blinding, stump holes & pads)
  • Prior to pouring concrete (Pre-pour steel, core fill walls, pool steel)
  • Completion of Framework (Sub-floor, wall and roof framing)
  • Final (Completion of all building work)

How do I know what Inspections are required?

Mandatory inspections are nominated on your Building Permit. These inspections are to be arranged with Nepean Building Permits and must be approved before the building work can continue to the next stage.

How do I request an Inspection?

To arrange an inspection with Nepean Building Permits you must ring our office prior to 4.00pm the day before to organise (03) 5986 2466. Please allow 24 hours notice prior to the Building Inspection.


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